Supported by a reputation built over more than 120 years, the Beare's Certificate of Authenticity is recognised internationally as authoritative documentation of an instrument's origin: it identifies the individual maker or the workshop in which the instrument was produced.

If you have an instrument that you would like certified, we will pleased to make an initial appraisal on a no-obligation basis. If we then undertake to provide a certificate, we will charge an agreed fee for the service.

In the first instance, we suggest you email us some photographs of your instrument, please read the guidelines below for photographing your violin.

Photos should show:

  1. the back of the instrument (excluding the neck and head)
  2. the front of the instrument (excluding the neck and head)
  3. the instrument's scroll from the side and front

NB The photos should be taken square-on, not at an artistic angle

Make sure the photos are in focus

Photos are best against a plain, neutral-coloured background.

The instrument should be clearly lit, but please do not use flash

Beare's email address for photographs is: violins@beares.com NB No single photo file should be more than 2 MB in size and please do not send more than 10MB of attachments in a single email.

Some Image examples