Last September, Cremona hosted the first exhibition of its kind, purely dedicated to the work of Carlo Bergonzi and his son Michele Angelo. Carlo Bergonzi's work has often been overshadowed by that of his contemporaries Stradivari and Guarneri del Gesu, owing to his brief career and consequently comparatively low output. The organisers, working with ourselves and other violin experts, diligently spent four years searching and locating the world's existing Bergonzi instruments; all endeavouring to produce an exhibition revealing Bergonzi's magnificent work.

This unique and exciting exhibition which took place from the 25th September -10th October showcased twenty-four Bergonzis, nearly half of those that are known to exist. Beare's were delighted to advise and assist with this exhibition; Charles and Peter Beare, Chairman and director of Beare's, were both on the scientific committee to offer their expertise. Beare's were also pleased to loan three instruments by Bergonzi, including one of only two cellos now known to exist by this maker (the second one only recently identified).

Last year, we were delighted to sell a very fine Carlo Bergonzi violin, 1732 to Nigel Kennedy, acclaimed international artist and one of our longstanding clients.