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Beares Auctions launch ‘MOTO PERPETUO’

Last week our boutique online auction house, Beares Auctions, launched a brand new 24/7 service that offers a continuous selection of fine instruments and bows all year round: MOTO PERPETUO.1

Rather than adhering to specified auction periods, the sale runs continuously throughout the year. Each lot has an independent bidding period and many items also include an initial ‘Buy Now’ option too. Sellers are invited to consign their items for immediate sale in auction at any time of the year 2with a 0% seller’s commission. Buyers too can browse and bid continuously on an ever-changing catalogue of interesting instruments and bows.

Beares Auctions have also introduced an innovative rating system: instruments and bows are judged by J & A Beare’s experts and consultants according to specified criteria. Their views are condensed into a user-friendly score which is applied to each of the lots on offer.

Further support is provided to prospective buyers by way of a new auction and retail price guide. This draws on records that are either publicly available or derive from J & A Beare’s own archives and communications with other retailers.

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