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Beare’s Luthier Andrea Ortona talks about his copy of a Guarneri Kemp violin

This Saturday one of our luthiers, Andrea Ortona, will be appearing on BBC Radio 3 to talk about the journey and craftsmanship behind his copy of a Guarneri Kemp violin, originally made in 1738.

In this 30-minute feature as part of Between The Ears, Andrea talks to producer Melanie Harris about the ancient and modern methods used to build the instrument. He is joined by violinist Laurent Quenelle from the London Symphony Orchestra who tries out the violin in the studio.


Violinist Laurent Quenelle with Andrea’a Guarneri Kemp copy

Andrea Ortona and Laurent Quenelle. Photograph taken during recording for Between The Ears.










Between The Ears: First Find Your Tree

Saturday 19 March, 9.30pm-10.00pm
BBC Radio 3

Find out more and listen live at


Andrea Ortona has been violin maker and restorer for 30 years and began working at J & A Beare in 2010. His technique is a unique personal combination of the old Italian violin making tradition and modern acoustic research. Having trained at the Violin Making School of Cremona, he opened a workshop in Venice. He now has a workshop near Oxford. He has worked on acoustic research with Carleen Hutchins in the USA and as a restorer for F. Leonard, and taught varnish retouch and acoustic set up in Cremona. He has lectured and run workshops in Italy, Austria and UK. Andrea’s new instruments are represented by Beare’s.